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Vega - Battlelines

Released September 8th, 2023 - Vega crushes it again, knocking out hits and taking names! Nick Workman's suave, crisp & clean vocals carry on a journey through their 8th studio album. 12 tracks on this endevor, each song has a clear message, and throughout the entire record, it encourages listeners to be your better self & push though, even when life is doing its best to kick you in the teeth. "Love to Hate You" is a breakup song, but still fits in this solid lineup. (My first favorite track from the album

"Heroes and Zeros" kicks it off right, and challenges listeners to look inside themselves & find out who they really are:

"Out of the dark, into the light

Will we run or will we fight"

Encouraging and uplifting - great solid effort! Looking forward to more great hits from these guys!

Get your copy here!


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