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Anime / Manga

Below are some of my favorite series - definitely worth a watch!

Higurashi (When they Cry)

Drastic tonal shifts from cute & light-hearted to macabre & suspenseful.  Multiple seasons, time looping throughout.

Slayers Anime

Lina Inverse & her companions travel their world, fighting villains & general adventure throughout.

Fate/Stay Night

Based off an erotic dating sim (series forgoes that aspect, thankfully), re-imagining of historic figures in a master/servant relationship, fighting to secure the Holy Grail.

Tenchi Muyo Image

My first Anime - Tenchi, a self-insert OC, and his harem from space.  Multiple seasons, moderate ecchi throughout.

Galaxy Fraulein Yuna

Short, 5 episode OVA, with a few video games, following Yuna and her friends.  Mostly light-hearted & somewhat ecchi, but relatively tame.

Trigun image

Vash the Stampede and his friends he meets along the way, striving to save the day.  Starts out very light hearted, gets serious toward the end, and finishes nicely.

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