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Hot Water Music - Vows

This one came out back on May 10th, 2024, and I've been jamming to it since it came out.

Vows is the best, cleanest sounding HMW album out yet. They've been on a roll since they released Light it Up back in 2017, followed up by a short EP in 2019, Shake up the Shadows, then Feel the Void - a full length LP in 2021.

The overall sound has matured quite a bit since their earlier albums, but the raspy vocals of Wollard & Ragan still sound as amazing as ever. Joined by Chris Cresswell from Flatliners back in 2019 on the Shake up the Shadows EP, his presence is a welcome addition to the band (he's been touring since Wollard took a physical health break back in 2017, and is no longer touring with the band). Each song feels like it was well thought out, and painstakingly crafted in order to deliver the highest quality the band was capable of, and it shows in spades.

This album also has several music videos, the best of which features Grady Ragan (Chuck's son), and it's very well done. Portrayed as a movie with the kids representing younger versions of the band members, it's full of positive emotion, and kids having fun. Don't want to spoil it too much, so check it out yourself - here's a link:

Favorite tracks from this CD: Menace, Side of the Road, Bury Us All & Touch the Sun. Pick it up here:


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