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Yogi Bear (Review)

Published on March 14, 2015, by in Uncategorized.

What’s more important, stealing pic-i-nic baskets, or finding out if Ranger Smith will get a GF? …Yeah, I knew you’d see it my way…

BTW, I had to redo the video, because WB lost their minds after I used a picture of Oin from The Hobbit for about 2-3 seconds. Such happy, cheery people they are…At least they hurried back on the dispute process.

Yes, I know – welcome to the internet…blah blah blah…think I would have caught on by now, but nope, I’m a slow McGuffin, I guess.

Also, they apparently own the rights to Minecraft, and lost their minds once again for me wearing a Avengers/Minecraft themed T-Shirt. And you wonder why people are so upset with Warner Brothers? Strange, isn’t it?

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