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2014? Come At Me Bro!

Published on January 4, 2014, in Uncategorized.

Hello Folks!

So, quite a bit of stuff happened last year, and now it’s 2014. Where the flip did 2013 go? Oh yeah, to the past, along with the other 29 years of my life!

Got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow, which includes fixing the site, since Blip.tv decided they didnt’ like my videos any more, so they closed my account. So, I’m just going to post stuff to YouTube from now on, until I build up a few more followers, then I’ll look into other video sites. So, lot of stuff to get done, and a few new ideas for this year.

I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for sticking around!



J-Bob Rants…about Wal-Mart

Published on July 7, 2013, in Uncategorized.

Love it, hate it, it’s here to stay…man, we’re so complacent…

A Disclaimer/My Thoughts

Before I go any further – THIS WAS MEANT TO BE FUNNY!

I have had most of these thoughts on my mind for a while now, and this was off the top of my head. I do enjoy the convenience of Wal-Mart, and the prices that they have. They do try to make things easier for the consumer, and as I mentioned in the video – they are obviously doing something right, otherwise, they would have gone under a long time ago.

While I was looking up images for this video, I noticed that my light-hearted rant about this is basically the tip of the iceberg when it compares to the absolute ire that some people hold for Wal-Mart. My intention was to say that most of us complain about it, and yet, we keep going back because it is so convenient. All the demonstrations about how evil Wal-Mart is really startled me. It does really bring to mind one of my final thoughts in the video – if you don’t like it – improve yourself, and try to make something better. If you really know so much better, and can make something that will ultimately dethrone Wal-Mart – DO IT! Don’t just stand there saying they’re evil, and they hate women, and they take advantage of party A so that party B can benefit, because that’s horrible, etc. Also, if you’re just not that ambitious, go to K-Mart, go to Target – go somewhere else that IS doing it better, and get your friends and family to come with you.

Really, I hope this wasn’t a match I just threw into a powder keg that is the internet, in general; but I think I know that is the case, so I better just batten down the hatches…




Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil (Review)

Published on July 5, 2013, in Uncategorized.

Movie references…movie references everywhere… And old man beards…the most effective disguise on the PLANET! …Somebody save me…please…


Reviews & Other Stuff

Published on June 26, 2013, in Uncategorized.


I’ve been a bit busy lately with stuff and things (shut up Lori…), trying to get used to a new job, finding time to do reviews, and the big announcement…GETTING MARRIED!  Oh boy, it’s been really fun, let me tell you what, boy!

My new job is about a 35 – 45 minute drive, depending on the traffic each way, it’s a graveyard shift (oh goodie!) and it’s more of a call center than 100% tech support.  We can WebEx to our clients computers, but we can’t actually drive them, which drives me right up the wall, since I am a very hands on person.  Gotta learn patience somehow I guess, and not screaming out, “NO!  DON’T DO THAT, OR YOU’LL BREAK IT!” takes a lot of constraint.  Maybe it’ll help build character, since I’m going to be dealing with my own children in the near future, and I’m sure that won’t go over well with the wife-to-be if I just fly off the handle.  Typically, that never goes well…(NO WAI!)

I still have a few reviews, and a couple of other rants that I’d like to put together in the next few weeks.  I want to get one more review up for the month of June, and I am determined to get it done by then!  I have enough time, but getting motivated after sleeping all day, and usually not getting enough sleep before going back to the grind, well, you know…life happens.  Throw kids in soon, and I’ll be lucky if I’m not bald in a year from now!  HAHAHA!

The marriage is set for September 21st, so I do have some time to get everything planned out, and hopefully save up enough money to pay for everything.  I expect a little help from parents, but I’m also not completely delusional, and realize that most of the cost will be my fiance’ and my responsibility.  Of course, a few dollars of donations wouldn’t help either (yeah, don’t hold your breath!  LOL)

Here are a few of pictures of both of our rings (hers has been re-sized, so it actually fits correctly):

IMG_6170[1] IMG_6218[1] IMG_6219[1] IMG_6264[1]

Thanks for listening!  Talk to you all soon 🙂


FanimeCon 2013 Pictures!

Published on June 6, 2013, in Uncategorized.


Put a new gallery up for my visit to San Jose a few weeks ago. Check it out, okay? Please? Okay!



An American Carol (Review)

Published on May 6, 2013, in Uncategorized.

A conservative, political comedy? With Bill O’Reilly & Michael Moore??? Oh, this ought to be fantastic…


The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave (Review)

Published on March 6, 2013, in Uncategorized.

The world’s greatest daredevil, always narrowly avoiding death. Unfortunately, some of you may not be so lucky…


A Christmas Story 2

Published on February 6, 2013, in Uncategorized.

100% Christmas Classic is back, huh? Well, they got the 100% part right…


Published on January 24, 2013, in Uncategorized.


I decided to read through some of the comments I got recently on youtube, and I’ve got to say thank you to the people who pointed out the things I’ve done wrong, and gave suggestions on how to improve.  I know I’ve not been doing this as long as some other people, and the only way I’ll get better is if I hear from others what I’m doing wrong, so I can adjust as necessary.

However, there are some people who have courage that only comes from being hundreds of miles away, and obvious self esteem issues.  I don’t really understand why they take the time to comment.  If you don’t like it – the internet is a big place!  You can find something else you enjoy!  (YOU DON’T SAY???)

Internet Argument

Oh yeah – have a nice day!


New page up

Published on January 24, 2013, in Uncategorized.

Hey guys & gals,

Put up a new page, which you can find here:  http://www.jbobsmoviereviews.com/wordpress/commissionsfan-art/

Just a bunch of art that I had done for the site.  If you like it, go to deviantart, and support these artists.  Some are open for commissions most of the time, and others only open up once in a blue moon.  However, most of the ones you have to wait for are well worth it.